Unboxing: Wildseed Farms, Johnny’s Seeds and Strictly Medicinal

Craving more Cosmos, I picked up large packets of seed at Wildseed Farms, along with some other annuals I hope will germinate well.

Lady Bird Dwarf Cosmos Blend ×1 1/4 Pound
Mexican Hat ×1 1/4 Pound
Bishop’s Flower ×1 Ounce
Cosmos Dwarf Sensation Blend ×1 1/4 Pound

And because I couldn’t get enough Cosmos and nasturtiums, I picked up more packets at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I wanted to also grow my own dill in case the aphid apocalypse hits my veggie gardens again.

Double Click Mix Cosmos Double Click Mix Cosmos Seed x1
Double Click Cranberries Cosmos Double Click Cranberries Cosmos Seed x1
Lemon Mint Monarda (Bee Balm) Lemon Mint Monarda Seed x1
Alaska Mix Nasturtium Alaska Mix Nasturtium Seed x1
Bloody Mary Nasturtium Bloody Mary Nasturtium Seed x1
Fernleaf Herbs for Salad Mix Fernleaf Dill Seed x1
Red Snapper Smooth-Leaf Spinach Red Snapper (F1) Spinach Seed x1
Astro Arugula (Roquette) Astro Salad Arugula Seed x1

Finally, I had strong feelings about growing more types of basil, especially the holy basil kind, so I surfed over to Strictly Medicinal Seeds to whet my appetite for some hard-to-find seeds.

TULSI (Holy Basil) SEED SET (5 seed packets): Amrita, Krishna, Rama, Temperate & Vana, all organic1
Basil, Mtule (Ocimum suave), packet of 30 seeds, organic1
Basil, Mrihani (Ocimum basilicum) seeds, organic – Packet1
Wooly Lambs Ears (Stachys byzantina), packet of 50 seeds, organic1
Skullcap, Helmet (Scutellaria integrifolia), packet of 30 seeds1
Lime Balm (Melissa officinalis ssp. altissima) potted plant, organic – 11
Sage, Jerusalem (Salvia hierosolymitana), potted plant, organic1
Skullcap, Barbat (Scutellaria barbata) potted plant, organic – 11

A Succulent Planter

Here’s another look at that succulent planter that I posted over on IG. It’s a mixed of old rescues and newly purchased plants sourced from various box stores as well as local nurseries Denton Plant Factory and Four Seasons Nursery.

Sedum makinoi ogon
Petrosedum rupestre Blue Spruce
Petrosedum Lemon Coral
Echeveria Dark Moon
Sedum nussbaumerianum Firestorm
Sedum clavatum
Sedum lineare Variegatum

Of course, there are still many succulents sitting in the tent and on the patio waiting on new homes. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the aeonium and echevaria I received from Annie’s Annuals earlier this month.

End of March Garden Scenes

Progress pictures on the late winter, early spring garden.

Take a look closer and one can see the seedlings starting to pop!

Lest we forget, the narcissus and tulip show ramping up for April blooms.

Unboxing: Texas Tomato Cages

I’m stepping up my tomato growing game in 2021. I started my Sun Sugar cherry and Sugar Gloss currant tomatoes indoors in late January. They were seedlings by February 2. The vigorous young starts were then up potted in early March.

About the same time, I planned to take 5 of each tomato to raise in grow bags, so I picked up some 15g grow bags off Amazon.

But remembering the last time I raised a single Sun Sugar tomato, I decided to purchase cages from Texas Tomato Cages. On my order are MDC6 6 Medium 20″ Diameter Cages @ 169.99, which are 6 foot cages, coming 6 per pack. I already have 2 collapsible cages from a previous purchase, but from a different source (got them from Calloways), but these Texas cages are definitely quality. Yes, my math didn’t quite match the number of tomato plants I plan to grow, so I may have to get more cages. They are in-state so shipping is fast.